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Radiation Shielding for the Future 

Stark Street Materials has developed a radiation shielding material for the future. Old X-ray shielding fabrics haven't evolved and still use salts of toxic elements with rigid structures. Our material is non-toxic, washable, flexible, foldable, elastic, lightweight, versatile, and designed to make radiation protection safer.

Non-Toxic and Lead-Free 

Our technology utilizes bismuth particles as a radiation shielding element instead of lead salts. This new technology provides a material safer for use, whether you need shielding for a quick X-ray, or for extended wear on the job. We are developing custom options for a variety of situations where high performance, lower weight, flexible, and non-toxic protection from radiation is important. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 2.54.24 PM.png

Lightweight and Form Fitting

 Stark Street Material's fabrics are a superior radiation blocking material. Not only is the material lighter than traditional shielding materials, but it is a form fitting, ergonomic, and elastic fabric. These fabrics make for a much more comfortable fit and allow for full range of movement in high stress and physically intensive environments.

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