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The Team

Who We Are

Anna Brown

Founder, CEO, and Chemist

Anna has a PhD in Chemistry from Portland State University where she developed the core bismuth technology SSMC is built on. She did her post-doctoral research in nano pharmacology at OSU/OHSU College of Pharmacy, where she learned a lot about radiation and nuclear medicine. She likes making useful things and developing environmentally responsible technologies.

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David Crinnion 

Materials Science Engineer 

David has a Masters from Portland State University in Materials Science Engineering and has dedicated his life to sustainable materials development. His expertise is in material formulations, manufacturing, and Life Cycle thinking.  

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Joshua Olsen

Mechanical Engineer 

Joshua has a bachelor's degree in physics from Portland State University.  He has extensive experience in product development and manufacturing process scale-up.  He is passionate about learning new things, creating, and getting to know mechanical systems front to back.  

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