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Non-Toxic Elements 

Bismuth particles are a non-toxic and safe material to handle. It has been referred to as a "Green Element" because of its safety factor. Bismuth has been used safely and effectively in medicines and cosmetics for centuries.

More Versatile Form 

Our material is more flexible and form fitting. Custom shapes and designs can be fabricated for unique use cases. Compared to traditional radiation shielding this alternative allows for more comfortable and ergonomic fit.

Highly Elastic 

High elasticity allows for shielding fabrics that move with you, and don't need to be stored on special racks. We are working to design the "sportswear of radiation shielding". The high elasticity makes it less likely to tear or break while in use, and can be folded, rolled, or stuffed in a bag, pocket, or suitcase. 


Our fabrics and garments are 100% sterilizable. They can be washed with soap and water in the sink, soaked in a buck of bleach or ethanol, and even autoclaved. Never worry about how clean your radiation shielding is, and never get stuck with odors or stains again.

Lighter Weight Fabrics

We have engineered the lightest weight radiation shielding fabrics on the market by removing the need for additives that don't block X-rays. By using only non-toxic elements, we can reduce the amount of "other" materials in radiation shielding garments.

Repairable and Recyclable 

The material can be easily repaired if torn or wearing out. Green and sustainable thinking is one of our principles, and we strive to make make materials that last, and can be reclaimed. If the shielding fabric breaks, you will see it immediately, and it can be fixed or replaced. No more X-raying aprons to look for cracks. 


Our material can be customized with names and logos. Different colors are available for unique looks. Even the texture of the material is soft to the touch without the need for cloth for other fabric covers that can get dirty and wear down over time. 

A Decade of Engineering

The core technology of these fabrics began as a synthetic nano chemistry project, and has evolved into high performance flexible radiation shielding fabrics. Our deep understanding of particle physics, surface chemical modifications, and advanced materials engineering has lead us to solve the real problems with out-dated radiation shielding fabrics. 

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